Your new hires are currently working elsewhere, and we know who they are!
79% of the talent pool are not actively looking for a job. We pioneered a new way to find them, qualify them and interest them in a job at your company, in the shortest time possible.
The fastest way to find & hire top talent
Finding hidden talent
Using sophisticated technology, typically used by intelligence agencies, Talenya identifies talent that is under the radar of traditional recruiters.
Zooming in on first movers
Proprietary algorithms determine which candidates are more likely to be interested in a new job, so we can reach them first.
Ensuring hiring quality
Talenya has deployed a network of professionals from a variety of fields who contact potential candidates and qualify them for your jobs
It's easy to get started
Schedule a demo
Tell us a little bit about your company. We will contact you to hear more and demo our platform.
Experience a premium service
1-3 of our Talent Experts will be assigned to each of your jobs. We are likely to deliver qualified and interested candidates in less than 10 days.
Pay for success
When one of the candidates we delivered is hired, you will pay us a fee. We will share it with the relevant Talent Expert.
Meet our Community of Talent Experts